Meet our Play It Safe Defense Licensees and Certified Instructors


We are enthusiastic, energetic and inspiring leaders with a passion for empowering children with self-protection skills. Our goal is to educate, entertain and empower children with skills to prevent bullying, sexual assault and abduction.


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Licensed Play It Safe Defense instructors

Licensed to teach the full Play It Safe Defense Chihuahua Curriculum. Women and Children’s self-defense Instructors.

Laurie Latham

Licensed and Certified
Phoenix, Arizona

Paul Miller

Licensed and Certified
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michelle Kirk

Licensed and Certified
Knoxville, Tennessee

Adrienne Bell

Licensed and Certified
New Jersey

View Certified Self-Defense Instructors– Curriculum will vary by location

Certified Women and Children's self-defense instructors, however curriculum will very based upon location. Certified Instructors are not licensed to teach the full PlayItSafeDefense curriculum. Only licensed instructors are authorized and qualified.