Upcoming Certifications April 16th or 30th in Oceanside, California

Contact: Tracie@PlayItSafeDefense.com for registration information

Self-Defense training is part of the California State Curriculum Standards. We are certifying P.E. teachers so that they can teach their students!


Self-Defense Certification for Middle and High School Teachers

Teachers Certification includes the following:

✔ 7-1/2 hour instruction. Curriculum meets the California State P.E. Standards 1-3: Course 2
✔ Multiple PlayItSafe instructors assisting with the certification
✔ One instruction manual per teacher
✔ DVD video instruction on various techniques
✔ On-line instructional support
✔ Curriculum and test materials for students
✔ Group communication so we all contribute feedback and PlayItSafe can answers questions
✔ Power Point presentation for students.

PlayItSafe has been designed to offer the best and most practical self-defense techniques in realistic assault situations for both girls and boys. The certification is taught by Tracie Arlington, black-belt and Senior Certified Instructor for the Women's Self Defense Institute.

➦ Verbal self-defense and de-escalation techniques
➦ Physical and mental aspects of self-defense
➦ Sexual Assault prevention & Avoidance safety information
➦ Stranger awareness vs. Acquaintance assaults
➦ A.B.C.’s of self-defense: Awareness, Boundaries, Confidence
➦ Physical Defensive techniques