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PlayItSafe offers three different types of school assemblies:

Keep Your Power: Be A Winner (Bully Prevention), Stranger Awareness and Safety, and Summer Safety


Length: 45–55 minutes

Fee: $225.00 for first assembly and $175.00 for each additional assembly (Assemblies must be back-to-back and in San Diego County) A mileage fee may apply for outside of San Diego Metro depending on distance and time of day.

Please e-mail for pricing outside of San Diego County.

Contact for detailed information on the content of each assembly or complete the form below.
Both assemblies teach children through role-play the importance of awareness and setting appropriate boundaries. In our "Stranger Awareness & Defense" presentation, children will learn to recognize inappropriate behavior and to trust their instincts when someone or something doesn't feel right. Students learn the importance of reacting quickly, using their voices to attract attention and that escaping a bad situation should be their #1 goal. It is very entertaining, informative and the kids laugh a lot as we use the "Chihuahua" as an example of "tiny but mighty!" We will use students from the audience to demonstrate.

Our bully prevention & conflict resolution assembly teaches your students six ways to "keep their power" when confronted with mean behaviors. We also cover the various types of mean behaviors. "Conflict-resolution" is a major component to our curriculum.
Fun! Interactive and Empowering!

Impressionable Minds

Thanks so much for today! You guys were awesome! I had a few teachers approach me afterwards & tell me how great the assemblies were. The Kindergarten & 1st grade teachers were amazed their kids interest never waned. To touch so many little impressionable minds in such a positive, fun way is truly a gift!

Madeline-PTA Tierrasanta Elementary

Captivating and Fun

On behalf of Sunset Elementary, I would like to thank you so very much for making such an enormous impact on our children! The presentation was captivating, fun and dynamic, but the children walked away with some valuable tools.

Lisa- Character Counts, Sunset View